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Many of the products have the usual wear-and-tear of something 20 or 30 years old, and though you might be tempted to waste time bargaining or asking for more photos, most pieces from highly followed shops sell within minutes. (Lately, basket bags, oversized blazers and chunky sweaters have been widely popular.) There's no actual currency exchange in Instagram — the app has largely stayed away from payment territory, instead leaving those who want to buy to use Venmo or Paypal — though one would assume that's coming next. Still, the rise of Insta-shops means a more level playing field: Those that don't reside in a major metropolitan area now have unprecedented access to vintage or rare scores they might not normally be able to find, often at affordable prices. "While buying vintage online can sometimes be a gamble, our customer is more willing to take the risk when the price point is accessible," says Elianah Sukoenig of The Break , a vintage store in Williamsburg who lead the trend of selling via Instagram Stories. "They trust our taste and attention to quality, and there is an added element of excitement when selling on Instagram." Will You Start Shopping on Instagram?                                                                                So how does someone decide to sell on Instagram rather than online? Sukoenig says they have choosing what goes on the 'gram practically down to a science: "Hannah, our founder, and Sarah, our COO, hand-source hundreds of pieces every week, then I go through and make a selection based on what I feel will sell well, and the requests we get from our community," she says. "After we've inventoried our new stock, I go through and pull items that I think will do well on the Insta Story and start styling them. When Hannah and Sarah come back from sourcing items, they usually have pieces they've selected for the Story and pieces I've requested for it." Some pieces might be slow-movers that need an extra push, while others will never see the inside of a store-front. Amber Glaspie's shop, Elia Vintage , doesn't have a brick-and-mortar — or even a proper e-commerce website yet, for that matter — but that doesn't make her shop any less successful.

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